Zero Waste is a goal and a plan.

5 Essential Elements To A Zero Waste Event from Zero Waste Humboldt on Vimeo.

Zero Waste Humboldt informs you of the current conditions and capacity of the county's waste management system and its potential for practical improvements.  Recent waste handling decisions have caused balkanization of Humboldt County recycling services, and have not achieved the economy-of-scale and flow control necessary in our rural area.  The loss of vital recycling infrastructure and locally-collected recyclable materials make start-up and growth of reuse and recycling-based businesses more difficult.   ZWH is reversing this trend.  The link between a county-wide zero waste vision and local job creation and business development are desired and essential outcomes of waste management public policy.  The top priority in the integrated waste management hierarchy for planning and public policy is WASTE PREVENTION.  Because all public agencies and private companies currently providing solid waste and recycling collection and processing are financially dependent on tonnage of material, waste prevention services have been sorely lacking.   Zero Waste Humboldt has formed to fill this void.


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